AMD will release new GPUs And APUs after Q2 2015.

Q2-2015 will start off with the company's "Carrizo" line of all-in-one and notebook APUs. The Carrizo APUs will feature Excavator CPUs paired up with GPU based on Graphics Core Next 1.2 architecture, same one we have seen on AMD's Tonga based graphics cards.

What is more important is that Lisa Su revealed quite a few details regarding AMD's upcoming GPU plans, with Radeon Rx 300 series GPUs which are also scheduled for Q2 2015. This remains speculation, but the Radeon R9 380 would be a 4,096 shader processor GCN 1.2 GPU, which is twice its predecessor. It would also feature 4 GB of stacked HBM. The mid-range chip currently called "Trinidad" will be a refresh product based on Curacao.

AMD also plans to release its Opteron Seattle enterprise CPUs around that same time, which feature eight ARM Cortex A57 64-bit cores.